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I am a Neoconservatarian. Spell check tells me that “Neoconservatarian” is not a word – the great thing about technology though is that with a simple right click I can add it to my dictionary. So, with that done, I think that I should probably explain what I mean. “Neoconservatarian” is a mix between three different terms – “conservative”, “libertarian”, and “neoconservative”. As a conservative I believe in lower taxes, less regulation, a tougher justice system, extremely limited government handouts, and legal immigration. Where I differ from what people traditionally think of as conservatives, however, is my libertarian viewpoints. For example, I don’t care about abortion. I’m against it, but honestly we have bigger things to worry about. I’m for a laissez-faire market system. I’m very against gun control. I don’t like religion in the government at all. Anti-drug laws are unconstitutional and an insult to the citizens of the US (not that I use them). Basically I like personal freedoms and I don’t like the government taking them away. In my opinion, maximizing personal freedoms while using the government as nothing but a protector against aggression should be the only role of the government, which brings me to my third term, neoconservative. I take a more libertarian stance on this than most neoconservatives, but that doesn’t mean I’m not for killing terrorists. I don’t want America invading if it doesn’t protect our international interests, but if it does, we have the best military in human history and we should use it. The government may not be good at tackling major social issues, but it sure is good at killing people. We may as well use that specialty to the best of America’s ability. I’m not saying we should invade somewhere like England just for the hell of it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t win the wars we’re already in. I’m a fan of diplomacy, but when it fails I think we should have a pretty good backup plan. Ok, I’m done typing. Anyways, welcome to my blog. I’m going to try to be funnier in future posts, but I just wanted to get this first explanation post out of the way. I think that while the issues are important, it’s probably just as important to have a sense of humor about everything. So, enjoy.

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