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April 25, 2011

I cannot believe I’m posting now

For one thing, I am the most busy academically I have ever been. I have sooo much I should be writing and yet I’m not. Additionally, in the last few weeks I’ve heard Keith Olbermann, Karl Rove, and Dan Savage speak and not posted about any of them. And yet, I feel like I want to procrastinate more and writing a quick post on Mitch Daniels is the perfect way to kill time.

You see, as a liberal, I currently LOVE the Republican field. Seriously, Donald Trump? Michele Bachman? Rick Santorum? I could not be happier with these choices of candidates for President Obama to smash. However, there is one conservative that keeps me up at night here running scenarios. That man is Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

Daniels is a smart, conservative, popular governor of a swing state. He’s not a joke, he’s an excellent speaker, and he’s one of the only people in the Republican Party smart enough to realize talking about social issues only alienates potential voters. He would be an incredibly tough candidate to fight off.

So why post about this now? Well, news broke that he is, get this, A SECRET ARAB! That’s right, MITCH DANIELS IS AN ARAB! MITCH DANIELS IS AN ARAB!

Perhaps I should explain, Mitch Daniels recently accepted an award from the Arab American Institute. Apparently, unbeknownst to anyone (see: me) Governor Daniels’ Grandparents were Syrian. That’s right, MITCH DANIELS IS AN ARAB!

Now, of course, this shouldn’t disqualify him from being President, however, this is the only stupid thing I have found to pin to him. Other than this, I disagree fundamentally with positions, outlook, and goals but those are substantive issues and have no place in the American political colloquium. So, hopefully this stupid attack will stick and he won’t run. After all, he has to get nominated by Republicans. So in Conclusion, MITCH DANIELS IS AN ARAB!

For more info on Daniels see this

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  1. Aptronym permalink
    May 3, 2011 10:49 pm

    From the article you linked:
    “The country also needs a substantive debate about the role of government. That’s exactly what an Obama-Daniels contest would provide. Yet because Daniels is a normal person who doesn’t have an insatiable desire for higher office, he’s thinking about not running. ”

    This is exactly why we need him. It seems like an eternity since we’ve had someone hold office who had an active disinterest in its power.

    Regarding the fact that, as you so politely and eloquently put it, “MITCH DANIELS IS AN ARAB!”, so what? Which group are you looking at that values the country of origin of somebody’s grandparents over their political beliefs, outside of a media that thinks his potential base will be somehow offended?

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