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Damn College Kids

December 4, 2010

I’m frustrated. Extremely frustrated. Why? Because I’m sitting here, midnight on a Friday night, typing away on my laptop. I’m wearing khakis and a white button-up shirt. I just came from a Christmas party at the Honors House. And not one of the ones with people wearing mistletoe sticking out from their lower stomach as they hold egg nog and drunkenly scream Christmas carols (I assume that’s what goes on at a college party). We played Boggle with the Honors professors as we discussed the role of Percival in both Chretien and Tennyson’s texts regarding the Holy Grail. And, instead of Everclear, we spiked our Christmas punch with rainbow sherbet. And it was delicious.


Is this what I expected I would enjoy when I entered college? Never in a million years. Yes, I knew I liked intelligent discussion, but what about going out and “getting fucked up”? Well, walking from the Honors house to go get some fast food I realized my place in college. I’m walking, wearing khakis and a tie (very well I might add, thank you 14 years of a school uniform), passing my “peers”. Three groups of loud drunken idiots going to the aforementioned legitimate alcohol-type parties. I walk past a dorm a couple dorms down from mine. So much pot is wafting down from one (at least one) window above me that I hurry past; wouldn’t want to get secondhand high. Another group going to a party was up ahead. I passed, they looked at the idiot wearing khakis and a tie, probably made some comment. Whatever. I got my food, went back to my room.


Or I almost was back to my room, at least. See, my dorm has this thing where they like to sit in the lobby and wait for drunk people to come into the dorm just because they think it’s funny. This annoys me. A lot. Not because they want entertainment, whatever, but more because they automatically think that everyone coming in after 10PM has something to hide. See, I’m a good student. And because of that, I have a lot of homework. So much that it’s sometimes hard for me to handle it all in the daylight hours. And, in the nighttime, I know my roommate likes to sleep like a normal person with a life. So, I go elsewhere to do homework. Generally the Honors house. This means I come back late at night, not because I’ve been out but rather because I’m at college with a work level that everyone here should have. And, quite frankly, I hate being stereotyped as a drunk student because I come into the dorm after 10 (although, usually, I come in after 4AM so no one is there anyways) when I’m the complete opposite.


I hate being stereotyped as a college kid in general. Why? College students should be doing what I’m doing. Partying is fun, but finishing a paper and getting an A is useful. I’m not one who goes out and parties like I thought I would, and I’m thankful for that. Before tonight I thought I was weirdly different than everyone else in that I actually cared about what I was accomplishing; today I learned to be proud of that. And I have no interest in associating with those who think otherwise.


Anyways, I’ve got to go, I need to go grab my iPod to drown out the idiots in the next room. Alcohol and Madden 2011 shouldn’t mix, not at 1AM in a building with paper-thin walls.

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  1. Aptronym permalink
    December 10, 2010 6:22 pm

    If you ever come back early enough to interact with them, you could always try trolling. Act drunk, get them to say something stupid, then straighten up and go about your business like nothing happened.

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