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I’m Scared of Black People

December 2, 2010

Ok the title of this article is meant to get your attention, but what I’m saying is, as a Democrat, I’m afraid of the black electorate. I know there is probably no demographic group that has been as loyal to the Democratic Party as African Americans, but let me explain my fear for the future.

On Monday Mark Kirk was sworn in to be the Junior Senator from Illinois. He takes the place of Roland Burris, who was the only African American member of the Senate. That means that African Americans have no voice in the Senate, or at least not one who looks like they do. This is what made got me thinking about black voters.

Usually we don’t think about them. They vote Democratic, we try to get them to the polls, but we don’t work particularly hard to woo them. Who are they going to vote for, Republicans? Right now, that thought is pretty absurd, but in the midterms two black Republicans were elected from the south, Tim Scott and Allen West, and the former is being groomed for leadership. And, despite his flaws, Michael Steele is the Chairman on the national GOP. Furthermore Republicans are religious and wary of government, two characteristics that can be broadly applied to the black electorate. A growing black republican movement is not unfathomable

I’m not saying the Democrats are going to lose all African America support over night. I am saying that, despite his flaws, I am sad to see Roland Burris go. African Americans make up 13% of the national population, a larger percentage of those who vote, and a MUCH larger percentage of the Democratic Party, and we need to make sure they are not forgotten.

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