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BP, Several Months Later

November 30, 2010

I was watching this glorious video (shoutout to Garfunkel and Oates, I highly recommend them) when I came across an ad at the top. And at the bottom. What for? Well, it was for BP’s Youtube channel.

I clicked. Why? Well, I was curious about how they’re handling this now, several months after everything. Also, as evident from the video I had been previously watching, I really wanted to view some quasi-political comedy and I figured that the BP Youtube channel would be a perfect place for that (honestly I think that the reason that this channel had an ad on this particular video was that it was targeted at those who would click on it for it’s comedic value, but regardless…).

So I clicked. Went to the BP channel. An autoplay thing came up with some guy talking. He said he’s a fisherman and BP is trying really hard and he feels compensated. Pretty standard I guess, it’s what I’d expect them to put out.

My main question is why do this at all? Why take the trouble of constructing a carefully laid out Youtube channel and filming pro-BP propaganda? Look, I could be wrong, but people are stupid. Really stupid. And they don’t care enough to do a large scale boycott on BP. So why remind everyone of what happened by taking out ads and filming stuff and doing a channel? People buy gas where it’s cheapest, in general, and in a location where it’s most convenient. I don’t know. Maybe I’m completely wrong. I just think that quietly fixing things instead of loudly fixing them/constantly reminding everyone about how they screwed up (despite the fact that they’re owning up to it) is counterintuitive for everyone.

Sorry for the spelling, I’m on a computer that doesn’t have spell check on Firefox at the moment. Plus I’m writing this at 4AM. Yep, I’m just that professional.

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