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PG County Corruption

November 13, 2010

Some pretty big local news for Maryland people. So yeah, kind of funny. If you’re too lazy to click on the link, P.G. County Exec Jack Johnson (not related) was taking bribes from a developer. The funny part was that, after dealing with the check with a toilet like it was a drug bust (bust, no pun intended, you’ll get my stupid joke in a second), the guy’s wife tried to sneak out 76 thousand dollars in cash in her bra and other similar places. They caught her, of course.


Here’s a quote from the site that I want to go off on for a minute.


The arrests stunned Maryland’s political world, in which Jack Johnson has been a player for a generation. Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) described it as a “sad day for Prince George’s County and for County Executive Johnson and his family.”


Ok, so O’Malley seemed like a nice enough guy when I met him, but honestly, I hate this comment. A lot. This isn’t a sad day for Prince George’s County. It’s a happy day. They should be overjoyed at the moment. They caught a criminal. This guy was doing something bad, and now it’s clear that he’s no longer fit for office. So yay. We got rid of a bad one. I don’t even know what party his is. I don’t know what his political views are. He’s in PG County so I can make a pretty good guess (I’m a native Marylander, PG goes about 80-90% Democrat). But yeah, I don’t care about  his political affiliation in the slightest.


Ok, next thing about this quote. This is saying that he’s been a player in Maryland politics for a generation. Are they trying to give me ammunition to back up my theories? Seriously. Politics corrupts people. A lot. People who have been in office for dozens of years are always the worst. So are politicians who haven’t figured out how things work yet. There’s a short window where politicians can be good, and that window closes at about 10 years in office. It’s just enough time to get good at politicianing but not too good. My proposal is that at 10 years in office every politician is deemed “too corrupt to rule” and sentenced to death in order to not contaminate the rest of society. This’ll also prevent people who like themselves too much from running for office.


Anyways, it’s a great day for PG County and a hilarious day for those who don’t enjoy corruption in politics. And you can quote me on that.

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