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Idoits Who Can’t Spell

November 10, 2010

I have a lot of homework so I’m going to make this brief, but it looks like Miller in the Alaska Senate race is suing to say that write-in votes must have the correct spelling of “Murkowski” in order to count.


I’m not going to take a side on this one. It’s clearly a political move and not meant as  the insult to those who can’t spell that I want it to be, but here’s an idea for all you voters attempting to vote for a write-in candidate; get the spelling right. Yeah, I know Murkowski is sort of hard to spell, but if you’re sole reason for getting up and making the long Alaskan trek to the polls is to vote for this person. It’s not like it’s a surprise that she’s a write-in candidate. So here’s my thinking. If you’re too stupid to spell her name right, your vote shouldn’t count. Not on the basis of not exact spelling, but rather because you’re officially too stupid to vote. I don’t want idiots contaminating the elections for our national leaders.


I’m sort of excited for this though. After last election with the whole Franken-Coleman vote count thing that they put up as a live web stream, which was strangely addicting to watch, I hope they do the same thing here. Hours of entertainment would be in my future. I’m not even kidding.

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