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Tax and Spite

November 6, 2010

The Democrats in the house are now lame ducks, as opposed to just being lame like they usually are. 25% of them aren’t coming back next year, this means that they are willing to vote for unpopular things that might actually be good for the country. Like every other political commentator, I am talking about the Bush Tax Cuts. My personal opinion, and many Dems agree with me, is that tax cuts should be extended except on the wealthiest 2% of America. I am actually a budget hawk, rare for my party I know, and I don’t think we can afford to extend all of the cuts. This is basic, sound budgetary policy and if I were in charge of the final months of the Democratic majority its what I would do…right?

I want to believe I would, but then I think to myself, “All that will do is make the deficit smaller under the Republican congress. They will get the credit with none of the danger in raising taxes.” When I had this thought I was scared. I am not an elected official, my views should be what’s best for me and my country, not my party, but I can’ help but feel spiteful towards the Republicans and not want to give them the help of doing the right thing and raising taxes on the richest Americans. I feel like, for the first time, I understand why nothing but the least controversial, safest, and dumbest things pass congress. Scary, right?

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