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Winning is Nice

November 3, 2010

We picked up a lot of seats. As of now, 60 in the House, 6 in the Senate, and 8 Governors. That gives us a majority in the House, just under a majority in the Senate (In other words, a minority. And you know how much Republicans hate those). And a couple governors. It’s been a good day.


The seats we picked up are pretty insane, too. The toss-up seats pretty much all went Republican. I’m thinking that there were a lot of Republican voters who had never been interested in voting before all of a sudden deciding to vote.


Anyways, I don’t know too much about the specific races, I’m going to leave that to Socialistocrat, but the map thing I was watching online put me in a good mood all last night and made my Calc studying bearable. Awesome night, minus all my homework.


Lots of GOP women in the House now though. That’s sort of cool. We just need some black guys and maybe some Hispanic guys though to break the stereotype. I was looking at the Florida exit poll stats and they were actually looking pretty good with the GOP Hispanic demographic. Hopefully we can keep picking up that vote, despite how this whole Arizona thing is coming across. On the topic of race and elections, it made me angry looking at the aforementioned map how my state voted by race. White was generally slightly more conservative but still like 55-45%, but black was like 10-90%. Go look at PG county or Baltimore and it’s really sad that race has such an impact on votes. I don’t mean this in a bad way, either, it’s just that most everyone seems to be able to balance out their political opinions out on both sides of the political spectrum but apparently not predominately black areas in Maryland. We should improve education in urban areas, smart people get further into politics and are better at making informed decisions. Maybe we’d get some political diversity in this group if we did that. Hell, Democrats should be against education, it just loses them votes.


Anyways, congratulations. We did it.

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