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Final Pre-Election post!

November 1, 2010

There is so, so much I’d like to write about before the election tomorrow and yet there is very little time. I’ll pick a few topics, but I wish I could give and entire post to each of these.

First The Bumper Sticker Quest of 2010: I received three more stickers and a whole yard sign so I hereby endorse John Boozman (whom I sincerely dislike), Richar Burr (one of my least favorite Senators), Maurice Hinchey (really awesome congressman) and Mike Arcure (another great congressman) for Senator from Arkansas, Senator from North Carolina Representative of New York’s 22nd District and Representative of New York’s 24th District respectively. This leaves my endorsements at Crist for Florida Senate, Sheheen and Haley each for South Carolina Governor, David Dewhurst for Texas Lieutenant Governor, Rush Holt or New Jersey’s 12th District, and Madonna Brennan for Maryland House of Delegates from district 33a. I’ll follow up to see how they all do and recap the quest.

Next, I’d like to talk about the Rally to Resore Sanity and/or Fear in DC. I don’t have time to write about it now, maybe a later post, but it was fantastic. Cat Stevens performed! Plus other awesome stuff. Just wanted to mention that.

Finally and most importantly, my predictions for the election tomorrow: I’m not surprising anyone when I say we Dems are in for a tough night. I expect the Republicans to end up with 235 seats in the house and I’ll get used to saying “Speaker Boehner.” (although watch Mike Pence for the possible coup)

In the senate there is a little more hope. Democrats will lose Arkansas, North Dakota, Indiana, Wisconsin (this one is the saddest), Pensylvania (Sorry Joe Sestak) and Illinois. I think Harry Reid may pull it out in Nevada but that’s not even a good thing for Dems as he has hardly been an effective leader. I’m holding out hope in Colorado, but if you made me call it, I’d say Buck beats Bennett. Alaska may be interesting, I expect it will be a long time until we know who won, but Scot McAdams may sneak in grabbing the anti-Jow Miller and can’t spell Murkowski vote. If Washington and California go for Republicans…I can’t even imagine.

I don’t want to end on that grim note so I want to say that, even with Republicans in power, I don’t want them to fail. I want success for the good of the country. The rally made great points about sanity, reasonableness, and shedding hyperbole for pragmatism. I hope that, even with Republicans in control, this could actually happen. Please vote.

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