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Michael Steele, Part 1

October 29, 2010

I’m going to make this a two part post. I have two very different thoughts that I’d like to get out there, and since something actually happened this time I may as well milk it for as long as I can.


So, I met Michael Steele today. Heard him speak, talk about the importance of voting and getting other people to vote, promoting his fellow Republicans, that sort of thing. Shook his hand, told him I can’t wait to work for him someday. I don’t think there’s a picture, you’ll just have to take my word for it.


Anyways, his speech. He joked all through it, which was pretty cool. A nice change. He seemed very charismatic. I have a mix of feelings about the speech and his persona. First, I thought it was very good. I liked having this guy representing the GOP. He said all the right things (mostly due to the crowd he was speaking to – talk about preaching to the choir). It’s not that I have anything against him there. My problem, however, if you can call it a problem, is that a trained monkey who can speak publicly could do Steele’s job well. It’s nothing against the guy; basically as long as he tours around the country and does his thing in each city, much like a relatively bad musician, it’s going to work out for him.


In the end, I guess I like Steele as RNC chairman. He just got off a three month tour going around and doing the same thing he did today over and over again, that’s got to suck. That’s dedication, and I appreciate that. So fine, I guess we can let him do his job, it doesn’t seem like he actually does much besides throw out his talking points and tour around in a bus. He’s getting the people who would go to a Republican rally in a Victory Center (named after what they called party headquarters in the Soviet Union) to make phone calls, and in the end  that’s all that matters to stupid American voters.

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