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The Bumper Sticker Quest: Brennan for Delegate

October 28, 2010

Could it be, I’m actually writing about a race that’s relevant to my life. Yes indeed, I got a bumper sticker from the only Democratic candidate running to represent me in my district!

First a little background: The Maryland House of Delegates is the lower chamber in the Maryland General assembly. There are 141 delegates. As a resident of district 33A I have two delegates represent my area, in the last session they were Tony McConkey and James King, both Republicans. King went on to challenge, and lose to, State Senator “Big Ed” O’Reilly, vacating his seat in the House. There was a contentious primary to fill King’s seat and also attempt to unseat the disbarred and oft indicted Tony McConkey. McConkey barely held on to his seat by less than a percentage point, and County Council member Cathy Vitale won King’s seat overwhelmingly. On the Democratic side there was one candidate, Madonna Brennan.

Madonna Brennan is a Crofton based community organizer who has coordinated several area events. She seems to have good intentions and civic pride, although her resume is sparse. According to her lit, “Madonna is very proud of her work with Crofton First in defeating Wal-Mart…” she also helped create pedestrian friendly crossings, save the metro bus line Crofton route, and organized “Rock out Crofton” and the Crofton Night Out Against Crime, all according to the note she sent with the sticker.

Its important to understand, Madonna stands no chance. She is running against experienced politicians in a Republican district in a year where Democrats are not popular to begin with. Still, there is no way she can be worse or less effective  in the House than Tony McConkey, she seems nice, and she sent me a bumper sticker and for this I hereby endorse Madonna Brennan for Maryland State Delegate.

Past Endorsements:

Charlie Crist for Florida Senate

Vincent Sheheen for South Carolina Governor

David Dewhurst for Texas Lt. Governor

Rush Holt for Congress New Jersey’s 12 CD

Nikki Haley for South Carolina Governor

Madonna Brennan for Maryland State Delegate District 33A

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