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The Bumper Sticker Quest: Haley for Governor (?)

October 24, 2010

In case you missed it I am on a quest to get as many political bumper stickers as I can. Any candidate who sends me a sticker (and I have requested dozens now) will get a write up and an endorsement on this blog.

I thought endorsing David Dewhurst in Texas was going to be that hardest challenge of this quest, but now approaches a greater hurdle. I wrote an endorsement for Vincent Sheheen, now I got a bumper sticker from his opponent Nikki Haley. I said I would endorse any candidate that sent me a sticker, but can I really endorse two candidates for the same job, especially when one of them is Tea Party extremist Nikki Haley? Watch me:

There are a lot of reasons not to vote for Nikki Haley. She probably cheated on her husband, she probably cheated on her taxes, there are all sorts of ethical questions about her business dealings, she has sent mixed signals about the stimulus package, and Sarah Palin supports her. Still she is a woman, a minority, and not strictly party establishment, all things I support. She is way up in the polls, although there are still a large number of undecided.

Now I don’t know if I can tell you to vote for her in addition to Vincent Sheheen, as this will invalidate your ballot, ah what the hell, vote for both of them and show that you’re a real maverick like Nikki Haley. I endorse Nikki Haley for Governor of South Carolina.

(I will assume my endorsement was the deciding factor if either candidate wins)

Charlie Crist for Florida Senate

Vincent Sheheen for South Carolina Governor

David Dewhurst for Texas Lt. Governor

Rush Holt for Congress New Jersey’s 12 CD

Nikki Haley for South Carolina Governor

UPDATE: The Haley Campaign sent me a second sticker, does that mean I take the endorsement back?


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