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The Bumper Sticker Quest: Holt For Congress

October 23, 2010

In case you missed it I am on a quest to get as many political bumper stickers as I can. Any candidate who sends me a sticker (and I have requested dozens now) will get a write up and an endorsement on this blog.

Sometimes these endorsements just write themselves. When I got a bumper sticker from Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ) who is running for reelection in New Jersey’s 12 Congressional District I started to do research. It turns out he is exactly the kind of person I want in Congress. First and most importantly to me, he is an extremely bright individual (he IS a rocket scientist). Next he is a loyal liberal but with an independent streak, exactly the type I think we need more of. He has consistently garnered more support than the Democratic nominee for President in his moderate district, showing that he appeals to republicans enough for them to split their district.

Although I should say Holt’s challenger Scott Sipprelle does not scare me like many first-time Republican candidates running this year, I believe Holt has proven himself to be a stellar Congressman the past 12 years and I look forward to his getting more seniority. I hereby endorse Congressman Rush Holt for New Jersey’s 12 Congressional District, Vote Holt on November 2nd.

My Endorsements:

Charlie Crist for Florida Senate

Vincent Sheheen for South Carolina Governor

David Dewhurst for Texas Lt. Governor

Rush Holt for Congress, New Jersey’s 12 CD


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