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The Bumper Sticker Quest: Dewhurst for Lieutenant Governor

October 19, 2010

In case you missed it I am on a quest to get as many political bumper stickers as I can. Any candidate who sends me a sticker (and I have requested dozens now) will get a write up and an endorsement on this blog.

A quest is not a quest if it doesn’t have a few challenges. Well today’s endorsement, for David Dewhurst will be the greatest challenge of my quest so far. I vowed to endorse any candidate with the goodwill to send me a sticker, and he did, but this is certainly difficult.

David Dewhurst is running for a third term as Lt. Governor and is expected to win big. He is an ultraconservative, self-described “George Bush Republican.” Dewhurst is a popular budget hawk who has rarely made controversy besides making a college not show a play he deemed anti-Christian. Still, he is a businessman whose accomplishments appear pragmatic and reasonable. While I think everyone voting in Texas should seriously look at Linda Chavez-Thompson the Democratic candidate, I hereby endorse David Dewhurst for Lieutenant Governor of Texas. Vote Dewhurst on November 2nd.

My Endorsements:

Charlie Crist for Florida Senate

Vincent Sheheen for South Carolina Governor

David Dewhurst for Texat Lt. Governor

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