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The Bumper Sticker Quest: Sheheen for Governor

October 16, 2010

In case you missed it I am on a quest to get as many political bumper stickers as I can. Any candidate who sends me a sticker (and I have requested dozens now) will get a write up and an endorsement on this blog.

If you’ve followed the news last Summer the term South Carolina Governor has certain associations in your mind. Hiking the Appalachian Trail, Argentinean Mistress, and Disgraced Governor Mark Sanford may all be familiar terms to you. Well, Mark Sanford is term limited and its time for a new Gov to take reigns (by which I mean illegal flights to South America).

There were big headlines when Nikki Haley won the Republican nod in South Carolina, but I’m not writing about her because she didn’t send me a bumper sticker, instead I am focusing on Vincent Sheheen, Democratic candidate for Gov.

Sheheen has served in the South Carolina State Government since 2000, Sheheen has made a name for himself in South Carolina for his passage of conservation legislation and getting the stimulus money despite Governor Sanford’s refusal. Hailing from Camden, SC, he went to school at Clemson and then University of South Carolina for Law School.

I’ve said I will endorse anyone who sends me a sticker, but Sheheen seems like a really great candidate. A Southern Democrat who can garner the endorsement of the Conservation Voters of South Carolina (the environmentalists) and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce (business) is my kind of guy. I know this is secondary, but he comes across in his ads and through his website as affable and a good guy.

In 2010 it would be very hard for a Democrat to win the Gubernatorial election in the Palmetto State, however there is solid, if insufficient, support for Sheheen. Maybe this formal endorsement will push Vincent over the edge. I hereby endorse Vincent Sheheen for Governor of South Carolina. Vote Sheheen on November 2nd.

My Endorsements:

Charlie Crist for Florida Senate

Vincent Sheheen for South Carolina Governor


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