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October 8, 2010

I’ve been really busy lately. One of the things I’ve been doing (and actually just finished at about midnight last night) is a huge COSC 120 project (all in C++, some stupid insurance program with a lot of random functions and a couple hundred lines of nothing but user input validation, kind of annoying but it was fun to write a really long piece of code). But yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing.


Why do I bring this up? Well, I like it when things make sense. Now, this might seems a lot like a cross between “Tron” and “The Matrix”, but wouldn’t it be cool if America was a computer program? Well you’re in luck – it sort of is. Here’s how I see it. A person starts out as some random variable. They go through the program, being passed by reference into different functions, stored into arrays of families and corporations, appending themselves to other variables they meet along the way. If you screw up and have to go to jail or something it’s simple – just call the JudicialSystem() function and pass Citizen SSNXXXXXXXXX (where X is equal to the social security number) as the argument, along with the crime committed.


It would all work on statistics. X many people get murdered per year, therefore X number of people in the program exit(). X number of people are doctors, lawyers, soldiers, and politicians. Ah, politicians. We could make this fun in a computer program. A given politicians has a certain amount of probability at having a sex scandal, or being elected (based on int ElectoralVotes(int citizens[])). These numbers would all change over time given the changes in society. Grunge leads to punk rock which leads to what we know as generic rock today; my computer program will anticipate these sort of links.


Anyways, if anyone wants to create America_2.0.cpp that’s fine with me. Honestly though you might want to use Python.

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