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Get A Bumper Sticker

October 7, 2010

I am on a quest. From the moment I realized I would be living in a dorm room whose walls are barren of art or originality, I have sought out political bumper stickers with which to decorate. While I volunteered on various campaigns this past Summer I nabbed a sticker here and there, but since I arrived at college my opportunity to snag stickers has greatly decreased.

My new strategy: find politicians’ websites that have an option to send me a bumper sticker. I have put in my address to dozens of candidates from all over the country, so far none have come, but I have faith that if I do it enough, someone will send me one.

My reason for posting here? Well, I discovered that the best way to find candidates who will send me bumper stickers was to google the phrase “Get a bumper sticker” or maybe “Free Bumper Sticker” and click on the politico’s campaign site. So I thought I’d post this in the thought that somewhere, someone else is on my quest and will google “Get a Bumper Sticker” and find this site and know, I understand and we share a quest J.

I’ll post a picture, a profile, and (likely) an endorsement of any candidate who sends me a sticker.

And if you want to send me a sticker or tell me about some free stickers somewhere, email me at


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