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October 5, 2010

I had a highly unrealistic but awesome idea today. See, the problem with America, in my opinion, and actually all countries in the world, is that they’re run like countries. Why is that a problem? Well, my economics class has taught me a lot of things about the economy and how awesome markets are and stuff like that. It also taught me the importance of a competitive environment in corporate circles.

What does this mean? Well, countries currently are viewed as ways to limit a market for the betterment of the people. They serve as the protectors of the citizens of that country against enemies and rule-breakers, internally and externally. They also generally care for the least in a society and provide general benefits to all citizens. See, I think we’re going at this whole country thing wrong. We view them as a way to enforce rules for the overall good of mankind, regardless of an individual country’s definition of “the overall good of mankind”. What I think should happen is that we arrange countries as corporations. Efficiency is at its highest when all individuals operate in a market scenario; currently countries lack the motivation to preform to the best of their abilities, be it economically, socially, ungenocidally, etc. One of the best things about business is that , due to the inherent will to succeed present in corporations, business is constantly evolving, advancing, moving forward in ways that are generally good.

What if countries were all in some sort of a competitive environment in which currency was dependent on a universal system of statistics? I’m a little shaky on this part, but basically it is my opinion that all of mankind would benefit by introducing some form of a way to motivate entire countries to better themselves much like a corporation would based on the concepts we see in the business world, some expansion of those same principles that would apply them on an international scale.

Highly unrealistic, I know, I just thought it was sort of interesting.

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