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Riff Written at 5 AM

September 19, 2010

Before I start, just a warning – I have no idea what buttons my fingers are about to hit. I don’t have a topic I’m going off on, nothing to guide me, just me riffing on whatever pops into my head. It’s currently 4:45 AM and I just walked into my dorm and realized that my blog was postless for tomorrow (today, but whatever, technicalities suck, shut up). I’m at that weird point where I don’t know whether to sleep now or just not sleep tonight.

So yeah, insomnia. Fun. I’m basically just writing this post to chronicle my decent into madness I guess. But, then again, that’s what most of this blog is now that I think about it. I wouldn’t say I’m insane, but I know my brain isn’t exactly normal (see that post a couple weeks back where I talked about the diversity exercise, where I was the sole person out of a group of 200 who had the opinions that I hold). Whatever. I enjoy myself, sometimes.

Because, really, as I sit here and look around my room, I see a pair of deer antlers, a Tron poster, a Fight Club poster, and music from the Broadway musical “Evita” blaring through my speakers. What kind of person has that mix of things? I don’t know whether to be frustrated with myself or proud.

I guess individuality is good. I know for a fact, however, that MTV sucks, the Jersey Shore sucks, and basically anything on the “Top Songs” list on iTunes sucks. It’s things like these that prove that going with the group is not always good. I take faith in my individuality every time I see an advertisement for WWE RAW on TV, every time I see a stupid viral video, and every time I look at the leaders of our government (had to get something vaguely political in there).

But my favorite example of all about why going against the group is awesome? The show Mad Men only has 1.1 million viewers. Let that sink in. 1.1 million. Thank you, Nielsen ratings, for not making me feel bad about losing faith in the human race.

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