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September 17, 2010

Incompetence – the word brings up some pretty serious negative connotations. Whether it’s that guy in the cubicle next to you who not only never does his work and, even if he tries to do his work, his intelligence level is so low that he fails miserably, or if it’s someone in a position of authority fails to do what they should be doing, incompetence is everywhere. And as, you know, my bitter self, I despise it.

I’m rethinking my position on incompetence, however. Yeah, it sucks when I have to directly deal with it, but I was thinking and I thought of a scenario in which incompetence might be good. And that is…*drumroll please*…the legislative branch of government. Less government is good. The legislative branch usually allocates funds and expands government. We as citizens all complain that they’re incompetent, but I just had an idea – maybe the problem is that they’re not incompetent enough.

Let me explain myself. An incompetent legislative branch is going to be like that worker in the cubicle next to you that I described earlier. If they’re bad at what they do and they don’t get their work done, government will expand at a slower rate. And that’s awesome.

Here’s what I’m proposing – what if we all just vote for the least competent candidate? Preferably a moderate. Personally I don’t think that this would be going against my political ideals, either. I like less government. Elect a lazy idiot and there will be less government in the long run, if enough idiots are in power.

Note – Like most of my posts, I’m not taking my own advice in reality. My whole thing is that I like to elect the craziest motherfucker that I can get into office. It’s more fun that way.

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