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Politicians Are Assholes

September 14, 2010

This will be brief and to the point. I know this is a shock but some politicians are assholes. There, I said it, I’m sorry if I’m the first one; I know there’s a lot of sympathy out there for the politician crowd. Next I’ll say something bad about lawyers or Nazis right?

How did I come to this conclusion? The primaries are today and all over Maryland politicians are challenging each other in their own party. I can think of many races where they admit there are no policy differences but rather personality and style differences. Three MoCo Senate elections, the election for Baltimore County Executive and the First Congressional District Republican primary come to mind. And this last one is the one I’m going to write about.

In 2008 Andy Harris (Whom I consider an asshole and who three separate voters, unprovoked, told me was an asshole. It’s actually why I chose the word for this piece. Three separate voters, two of whom were Republicans, told me he was an asshole. THREE! But I digress) 2008 Harris challenges and beats Wayne Gilchrest, long time Republican Congressman, in the primary. Gilchrist says, I’m a politician, politicians are assholes, I will endorse the opponent. “But Socialistocrat,” I hear you ask, “Wasn’t his opponent the better candidate for the job?” And I answer, yes he was, but Gilchrest would have endorsed Satan if it meant beating Harris. Why? Because politicians are, say it together people, assholes.

So why write about this now? Well, Gilchrist had now endorsed two people in the MD-1 congressional race. Kratovil, who beat Harris last time, and businessman Rob Fisher. Why did he endorse Fisher? Because Fisher is running against Harris and Gilchrist won’t miss a chance to stick it to Andy Harris. Why? Because politicians are assholes. Hope everyone votes in primary today!

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