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9/11 – Never Forget or Forget?

September 12, 2010

We’ve all heard it – “9/11 – Never Forget”. But I’m here to examine that statement a little bit. As I do with what seems like most of my posts, this is just just an idea I have, I don’t fully endorse it. Yeah, I see the validity, but it’s just something floating around in my head that I thought I may as well write a post about.

So,  here it is. So far we’ve done about nine years of “never forgetting”. I don’t know all the details, but in the process of not forgetting I think we did some major damage militarily to the people who did this to America. Yeah, the job isn’t done over there, and that’s why I propose that my plan doesn’t happen for a few years. So, we finish up kicking ass over there. We come home. Then we do exactly what “9/11 – Never Forget” tells us not to do; we forget.

Now, before you flame at me as being unpatriotic or not recognizing what Al Qaeda did to America, listen to my analogous reasoning. We’ve all seen those stupid teen movies where some guy likes some girl or something and the girl is too popular for him. There’s always this moment where the guy’s name is mentioned around the girl and she asks, “Who?” and then the main character is emotionally destroyed. There’s also another scenario in which an ex boyfriend is brought up and there’s a short period of irrational anger by the girl. Now, from a guy’s perspective, I’d much rather have a girl know my name because of a past relationship and think I’m a dick than have the girl not even know that I exist.

How does this apply to 9/11? Wouldn’t it be perfect if when 9/11 is brought up, or Al Qaeda is brought up, Americans just responded with, “What’s 9/11?”, or “Who is Al Qaeda?”, or “9/11? Yeah, I remember it I think, no big deal. Wasn’t that when some Indian guy shot up an office building or something?” Moving past Al Qaeda and 9/11 would be the ultimate insult. Screw Koran burning, what if we just didn’t even acknowledge the effect that 9/11 had and continues to have on our society?

Anyways, never forget. The above is interesting, at least to me, but this is one of those things that I think should inspire a bit of a grudge.

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  1. Aptronym permalink
    September 12, 2010 6:46 pm

    Interesting, but this is one of things you shouldn’t let go of, for two reasons. First of all, if there’s one thing 9/11 taught us, it’s to be vigilant. It taught us how to be heroes again. What do you think the odds are that anyone will successfully hijack an American airplane in the near future? We know the dangers that are out there and what could happen if we let our guard down; the passengers on that plane will do everything in their power to keep it from happening again. That’s the most ready example I know, but there are others. We need to remember how to fight. The second reason is that forgetting would essentially undo all that we’ve done so far to stop Al-Qaeda. If we don’t listen to one attack, they’ll try another and another, always greater in severity. They might anyway, but at least this way we continue to confront them.

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