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September 9, 2010

I just wanted to take a moment to point out something I thought was sort of funny. OK, so it has come to my attention that I write on this blog pretty much every day, barring a few rare exceptions. I generally try to keep each post somewhere between 350 to 550 words, once again barring a few rare exceptions. That means that each day I generally average about a 450 word typed article. My articles, as you probably know, generally have at least a little bit of analysis in them. I mainly riff, yes, but I actually have to go through a thought process to think about what I’m trying to say and how to get what I’m saying across. What I”m trying to say is that I actually put a little bit of effort into each post.

So, I got this Honors Humanities paper coming up that I have to type. It’s supposed to be two pages, double spaced, about King Arthur or something. She gave us the assignment last Wednesday, as in the first Wednesday of September. I’ve been dreading writing this ever since, and it’s due next Wednesday. That means I had two weeks to complete it. I still haven’t started, and I still am dreading doing it. Meanwhile, about fifteen minutes ago I decided to write a blog post for tomorrow (I’m writing this at 7:04PM, Wednesday the 8th). The word count thing at the bottom tells me as I finish this paper that this post took 486 words to complete.

I did a little research. I saw a few discrepancies, but one double spaced page of paper contains about 250 words. That means that in total I have to type about 500 words for this one paper. And guess what? That’s a blog post. I’m stressing out about writing something that is literally the same length as something I would casually write every single day in about 20 minutes tops. I just sort of found that funny. I’d like to thank all my English teachers back in high school for making it so that writing isn’t a big deal to me, thanks to them I am able to write about two pages per day and have it be no big deal at all.

Anyways, completely pointless nonpolitical post. I try to keep these to a minimum unless I can tie them in with some bullshit political thing I make up so I don’t feel bad about posting personal blog stuff on a political blog, but yeah, I found that sort of interesting. Go thank an English teacher, especially if he/she made you write a 5 page paper every weekend, 10 page paper every quarter, and a 30 page play. It sucked at the time but it helped more than anything else high school has taught me.

P.S. – If I would have spent this time writing my paper instead of talking about writing my paper, the word count is high enough that it’d be done right now.

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