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Confusion, College, and How I’m Different

September 8, 2010

I have a problem, and I don’t know if I’m to blame or if I’m right. See, college is this weird blend of a lot of different people and personalities. Which is fine I guess. I sort of like people that are mostly like me, but different ideas are OK I guess. I have to major differences from everyone else that stand out, however.

First, music. I thought I liked popular music. I listened to my local rock station, DC101, and I assumed that I wasn’t the only one doing so. I thought I liked generic rock, rock that was so generic that everyone knew every song. So I get to college. I can’t go in someone else’s room without hearing the same five or six songs basically on a loop. And it’s generally crap music. Kind of a weird pop rap relaxing music mix, with each song leaning more on one of those genres than the other. And I don’t know any of the words. I sort of feel left out, but then again I’m sort of proud that I don’t listen to that crap. And as far as TV goes, I despise Jersey Shore. Everyone else loves it. Actually, I’m going to expand that to MTV in general. I hate MTV. I’m sitting in my room watching Mad Men, meanwhile everyone is off watching some low class idiots go to clubs and yell at each other. I don’t get it, and it’s frustrating that shows like Party Down get canceled while I can’t get away from crap such as Jersey Shore.

Secondly, the poster sale today. Turns out that Che, Bob Marley, and other pro-Commie bullshit was about half of the poster sale. I just wanted to bash my head against the wall in frustration. Not only are there people out there that think differently than I do, but they feel so strongly about their (wrong) opinions that they want to put posters up in their room of that stuff. As I look around my room, I see a poster from America: The Book (not partisan, just funny and political), a Tron poster (I’m a computer science major, shut up), Pulp Fiction, Fight Club, and an American flag. Not even I have a Reagan poster, yet people actually feel strongly enough to put up a Che poster? Basically, people confuse me. I don’t know. I hope college doesn’t change me too much. I hope I still have the courage in four years to say “goddamn hippies” when I see some of the posters at the poster sale, well aware that there’s a good chance at least one of my friends will give me a dirty look.

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  1. Aptronym permalink
    September 8, 2010 12:50 pm

    Well, even if you change, we’ll have this blog to chronicle your descent.

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