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Movies that Try to Make a Political Statement

September 3, 2010

The movie “Machete” is coming out soon. Why am I writing about it? Well, it’s about an illegal immigrant who is running from Mexican drug lords and US immigration to the tune of non-stop action. Sounds controversial. Here’s the thing, though; it isn’t.

“What, Josh?” you may say to yourself. “You’re defending a movie that makes America look bad?” And to that I reply that I tend to do one major thing when I watch movies. Take the undertones that point to specific political and analogous meanings and then completely ignore them. It makes movies so much more enjoyable. Take, for example, “District 9”. A movie that was supposed to represent apartheid in South Africa. See, what I do is that I recognize the truth of the message that the movie was trying to get across and then I pretend that that part of the movie doesn’t exist. It makes it so much more enjoyable. No longer is it a depressing story analogous to native South Africans being dominated by an oppressive regime;  no, rather it is a really cool story about some random aliens that happened to land in South Africa.

My one exception – if the screenwriter makes it too obvious or stupid. For example, unobtanium in “Avatar”. And the couple of lines in there that, without a doubt, link it to James Cameron’s political beliefs. It took me out of my blissful ignorance so fast that I got whiplash. So yeah, take my advice, it makes watching movies a lot more fun, but be prepared to rage against someone who screws with you blatantly.

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