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I Hate My Base

September 1, 2010

I am writing this quick post to tell Democrats to shut up (this is very out of character for me so pay attention.) I am a strong supporter of independent Congressman Frank Kratovil from Maryland’s First District. He’s a good congressman and a good guy. He has a fairly conservative voting record for a Dem, but he has been there when it counted, namely he voted to repeal Don’t ask don’t tell (he voted against Healthcare, something I care less about.) I am angry because the Democratic base (or should I say dumb-ocratic…no I should say Democratic, sorry about that) so the base is angry at the Congressman for not supporting stuff like healthcare and they are threatening to not turn out to vote. This is idiotic because that’s as good as a vote for the other side, a Republican (one of the most conservative and least effective) legislators in the state senate) Andy Harris.
Why bring this up now? Well Kratovil just put out his first ad, a positive ad that tells the truth about himself rather than an attack ad, and Democrats are angry because he never says he’s a democrat. It’s time the base realized that its more important to get a good moderate Congressman elected rather than an extreme of the other side. BE PRAGMATIC PEOPLE!

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