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Me Being Anti-Militantly Anti-Glen Beck

August 31, 2010

Glen Beck had a huge rally over the weekend in DC. You’re probably wondering why I find this hilarious. No, it’s not because of his message. Frankly I don’t agree with most of what he has to say. I want to make this clear – I’m not endorsing his viewpoints. He contorts the facts, is way too emotional in his storytelling, and he represents a strangely libertarian sect of the religious right that I hate so much. Yeah, he’s an entertainer, as I’ve said so before.

Here’s the big question – what makes me laugh more than Glen Beck fans? Glen Beck haters. Yes, his opinions are stupid and rarely based in fact. And yes, on a scale of smart to stupid I would place Glen Beck fans toward the stupid side relatively to Glen Beck haters (albeit barely). But why do I find Glen Beck haters so hilarious? Because they’re getting worked up over the idiocy. Really worked up. And it’s funny that out of everything going on in the world they’re getting worked up over an entertainer preaching to his choir. It’s like someone going insane over The Adam Carolla Show (one of my favorite podcasts). It has a morning radio format, except it isn’t screwed up by the monster that is morning radio. He has fairly libertarian viewpoints and he’s an entertainer, the only differences I see between Glen Beck and Adam Carolla are a  variation on p0litical opinion and a difference in demeanor.

It’s like how I feel about abortion. I don’t care anymore, and while I just want it to be resolved one way or another so we can move on as a country it’s sort of funny watching just how much people get worked up over it. Priorities, people. If it’s not money to replace the M9 with a 10mm variant or the M4/M16 with a variant of the M416 chambering a light .308 round then the money is just going to waste.

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