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August 25, 2010

Hey. So I wanted to prove a point. Bear with me.

Computers. I’m dependant on them. Completely dependant. It’s disgusting how bad my addiction is. 9th prestige level 70 on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. That’s over 14 days of playing time since I got the game in January (minus the month and a half where I was computerless thanks to some idiot who has a taste for heavily electronically protected computer systems). Anyways, this stupid computer is my life. And it’s really sad. I use Firefox. I currently have 10 tabs open. I always have ten tabs open, at least. When I turn my computer off I just leave Firefox on with all the tabs up.

Why is this a problem? Well, as someone who grew up in this enviroment, I’m much better at writing things to people than talking. I can get by when I talk to people in person, but I’m more comfortable sending an email, text, Facebook chat message, that sort of thing. And video chat or phone convarsations? Forget it. I don’t know if phone anixity is a thing, but I got it. It made my job as a secertary pretty hard, I’ll admit.

My point? Well, before I started this post I turned the little check button when I right click for spellcheck off. What you’re looking at it me unedited – sure, I’ll read over once for grammar, but I’m so dependant on this machine telling me what I mean that I can’t even do it for myself. I know my spelling is atrocius. Why? This machine does it for me. I can barely write this article without those comforting red lines calmly telling me I made a mistake and asking if I would please go back and correct it.

So learn from me. All that “redistribution of the wealth” bullshit? Some of it may be legitimate, but the last thing we need is people become as dependant on a well funded outside source such as the government giving them a “push in the right direction” in order to get them back on their feet. I know from experience, what is viewed as a convenience is soon viewed as a dependance. Hell, I’m part android at the moment. I don’t know exactly what a wellfare monster is, but I think it generally takes the form of a leach on society and a net negative to our country. Let’s not encourage it.

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