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There’s a Baby On My Shoe!

August 24, 2010

Idiocracy is a great movie. Go watch it if you haven’t already seen it. There’s some pretty good evidence why it’s inaccurate (link is by one of my most trusted news sources, check it out) but it’s still a cool concept (even if the movie didn’t really get off the ground and relied on the awesome concept the entire time instead of actually giving it any content). So yeah, stupid people are having kids.

This links to what I’m trying to write about – stupid people generally means lower socioeconomic people. Poor people, essentially. And poor people like to have kids. Lots of ’em. Rich people are smarter and they therefore have fewer kids. Why is this better? Because they generally wait until they can ensure the kid’s well being financially and emotionally. Poor people just plop them out like it’s an assembly line. Natasha Leggero has this great bit about the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant where she says it’s always lower class people on the show talking about how they were at Six Flags and they were walking to get some more cotton candy when the girl looked down and there was a baby on her shoe! And she kept walking and it turned out the baby was followin’ her! You’d never hear anyone on the show say (in an exaggerated rich woman’s voice), “I was walking down to the stables because Butterscotch was knickering about when I felt something below my designer dress. I walked back up to the mansion and I told my husband that the strangest thing had happened – a baby had sprung forth from my loins!”

I could end the post there and just say that rich people are better than poor people. But I may as well take it a step further. Sure, we’re looking at this from the perspective of the common idiots, but what if we think of the child? At what point is this considered child abuse? The kid is growing up in an environment where he/she will attend sub par schools, inadequate food and shelter, and in an environment less likely to encourage behavior that will benefit the society as a whole. I’m pretty libertarian when it comes to things and I’m only moderately for a police state, and only with pretty severe libertarian limits, but should there be an economic minimum for the right to have children? It’s child abuse, in my eyes, to have a child and raise him/her in a terrible environment. On top of that, it hurts all of society when a low income child is born. I don’t know what we’d do without people willing to do minimum wage and be content with it, my argument isn’t that thought out, but it just seems wrong in my eyes. I don’t know. On this one especially, comment below if you want to add or subtract from the point I’m trying to get across. I’m just sort of riffing on this one.

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