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Israel vs. Palestine

August 22, 2010

According to the New York Times there’s little hope for Mideast peace talks. Why? Well, I didn’t read the article. So I don’t know. But here’s my reason – I’m going on a couple thousand years of evidence. The Palestinians want the Israelis dead. That seems obvious enough. At the very least, they want “their” land. Badly. And they’re willing to be terrorists to get it. And they’re not going to just settle for little parts of it. Israel tried that. It didn’t work.

Israel gets shit all the time for “subjugating the Palestinians” and stuff like that. Meanwhile, I love them for it. Why? Say there’s someone in your house that wants to kill you. Right now. Pretend someone just broke in. He claims it used to be his house and now he’s going to kill you to get it back. Or just think back to when OJ went and attacked that guy to get his old trophy back or something. It’s basically the same thing. Anyways, this guy takes a high powered BB gun (trying to be proportional here) and starts shooting little holes in you. Not enough to kill you, but it certainly makes you scared. And who knows, maybe one of these shots could be to the throat. Basically, you’re just hurt now, but your life is at risk. What do you do? Well, depends who you are. If you’re me you shoot him in the face, if I may be blunt. I’m assuming many of the readers I’m trying to attract would do the same thing. If you’re the Democratic party you congratulate the intruder for standing up for his rights against the oppressive house owner and you try and reward with him part of the house. But he gets pissed off again very quickly, and then he grabs his BB gun and goes at it again until there’s a pellet in your scrotum and he’s dancing over your quivering body singing “The house is mine! The house is mine!”

Personally, I think Israel is doing the right thing here. What they’re doing is basically saying that they can have a couple rooms in the house. They then take away all of the BB guns, lock the door of the bedroom, and have an Uzi on them at all times. Democrats, I’m not one for ethnic cleansing, but be happy Israel stopped where they did. They’re doing what they need to in order to survive as a country, and they’re doing it pretty damn well. Be happy with what you’ve got. I feel like this would be a lot better if everyone would just accept the situation and move on with their lives.

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