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Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

August 14, 2010

’nuff said.

Apparently not. I feel bad not writing more and taking the easy way out with an embedded video (note to all future bloggers – it is remarkably easy to embed a video in a post and make it seem like you put way more than three minutes worth of work into it when actually it took you about two minutes tops). So I’m gonna do some bullshit commentary right now. For those of you familiar with the Adam Carolla Show, he has this segment called “What Can’t Adam Complain About” where he basically asks the audience for them to shout out random things such as toasters and Jimmy Kimmel and then he has to quickly think up some random bullshit way to complain about them. So yeah, let “What Can’t Josh Complain About” commence.

This video is funny. To me. And probably to you. Unless your name is Socialistocrat. Which is exactly my point. It has no content. No deep commentary. This is the political infomercial equivalent of “preaching to the choir” (note – it took me a minute and a half to spell “choir”. Not even kidding. Note #2 – “Choir” does not start with a “Q”). Is that a problem? Not for me. I sort of have this blog I run called The Neoconservatarian where I generally do the same thing. The only difference is that I try to make points every once in a while, despite my very laid back approach to politics.

Yeah, this video is pretty funny, but we need to run our conservative infomercials as liberal infomercials in disguise. Trick them into watching and then blindside them halfway through with some hard-hitting conservative rhetoric and logic. Start it as a infomercial for a product called the Bush Trimmer (cut back all the damage he’s done to America, bullshit like that. I still haven’t decided yet whether it’s a commercial for trimming hedges or ladyparts). Then, halfway through the screen goes black and  whatever random statistics we can throw together that makes it seem like conservatives are better than liberals we just throw on-screen as fast as we can, before the unsuspecting liberals let out a blood-curdling screech and smash their computer screen like a vampire would smash a light bulb, or like how Ed Begley Jr would smash a non CFL light bulb.

Anyways, the word count thingy on the bottom of the screen assures me that I shouldn’t feel like I took the easy way out by posting an embedded video. I hope you enjoyed my riff, and, as my Indian friend Apu would say, “Thank you, come again.”

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