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August 5, 2010

I should probably introduce my friend and official Neoconservatarian contributor Socialistocrat. Read the post below for a sample of what’s to come. We don’t necessarily agree on everything, but that’s good. When he and I talk politics (which is a ton) it’s really good to have his perspective. Sort of like when my high school Current Issues teacher made me pretend I was Nancy Pelosi for three days in a debate, I learn a lot.

He knows more about the actual political races, peoples names, and the intricacies of politics than me. He’s also able to laugh at the idiocies of politics, which is good considering that I try and keep this as funny as I can. And, despite his name, he’s going to do his best to write in ways that someone reading The Neoconservatarian (aka a Neoconservatarian) would like. I don’t expect him to write hardcore conservative, but he’s going to present his take on things in a way that, at the very least, will count as “interesting and funny” to the kind of reader I’m trying to attract.

So, welcome. And hopefully through this experience we can convert him to the “right” side.

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