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The Gun Club

August 4, 2010

I went to the gun range last night. It was trap night and I wanted to get a feel for my new shotgun. It didn’t go great, I figured out that I have to push and hold the pump forward when I shoot or it’ll jam when I go to pump. It was comfortable to shoot, I shot 5o rounds and my shoulder is fine today. I’m sure that’ll be different when I’m shooting 3 1/2″ magnums out of it, but I’ll worry about that come goose season. Gotta love the Remington 870 though.

Ok, enough rambling about weapons. Time to ramble about politics! The reason I mentioned the gun range was because during the time I was at the gun club I probably spent a combined half hour waiting around to shoot. During that time I had no choice but to interact with the people there. I consider myself a bit of a hick, however I tend to draw a distinction – I’m an enlightened hick. Yeah, I’ll go to the gun club and I drive a stick shift Chevy pickup truck, but I also pride myself on being a bit of an academic. I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit stupid, but when it comes to something like writing, debating, technology, or my manner of speaking I know I’m more educated than most rednecks out there. See, enlightened redneck. Discussing Afghani socioeconomics through text message while sitting in a deer stand with my other Remington 870.

This is a roundabout way of bragging that I’m on a different level intellectually than those engaging in political discussion at the gun club yesterday. People who can say that they love freedom and that we need to resurrect Joe McCarthy in the same sentence. The people who read news stories about Obama, commit the basic facts to memory, recite them, form their own erroneous analysis, and then make him look worse than Bin Laden.

I’m not saying that Obama isn’t  bad. All I’m saying is that people are stupid and they shouldn’t form opinions on matters that they know very little about and then preach them in public. And remember, this is a gun club, I’m talking about conservatives here. My people. The same goes for liberals, but what this should show is that there’s idiots out there. And that’s bipartisan.

How am I different? A couple reasons. First, I’m not forcing this blog on anyone. You come here of your own accord. Second, I know that this is entertainment, not legitimate news. I don’t hold any illusions that I’m trying to report honestly. I write as if I’m writing to a conservative. And, most important, I’m not taking this seriously. I’m not preaching. At least I try not to. I’m like a less formal and less informative version of Jon Stewart. I’m just pointing out the stupidity of it all based on my political slant. If you’re not laughing at politics then you’re doing something wrong.

Ok, I’m done. People are stupid.

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  1. ActualMax permalink
    August 4, 2010 10:47 pm

    I told you I wanted to go to the gun range next time you went! Some enlightened hick you are

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