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Breitbart vs. NAACP

August 1, 2010

I’ve held off on posting this until now because I felt like I needed to let this story develop before I really went into it, but a couple days ago fellow conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart posted a video that made a NAACP leader look bad. Turns out that it was edited and the full content of the video actually should have made her look good. The person lost her job over it. Now she’s suing Breitbart.

Ok, so that’s the quick summary. Now for my random opinion. Breitbart isn’t to blame. I like the guy, I followed him before this whole thing. But h0nestly that has nothing to do with anything. He’s a blogger, albeit a rather powerful one. If he posts a video, check it first before you start the round of firings. By nature the guy is partisan and therefore not a completely trusted news source. I’m not saying that he isn’t right with any of his news, and I respect and generally agree with his opinions, but this goes back to the whole “unbiased” thing. Before you get rid of someone that will cause this big of a controversy, why not do a little fact checking? And can you really blame the media for taking this story and running with it? I mean, of course you can, but blame it on the system. Partisan news isn’t news, it’s entertainment. Regular news is concerned with reporting what people will watch. It’s a vicious cycle that leaves the viewer seeking the truth screwed. It is, however, a fact that most modern society accepts; the news isn’t actually the news. Blaming this controversy on the media is the easy way out.

So, who’s to blame? The blame falls squarely on whoever fired this idiot. Honestly, though, I’m happy that this person lost their job. Hopefully this sort of thing will happen in the future. Whenever someone from the NAACP makes a remark that is seen by the majority of people as racist (however, the remark has to actually be racist, not out of context), maybe they’ll start firing people again. Judging by the people in the NAACP, soon there will be no more members because they’re all fired. And then we start on the ACLU, except instead of racism we charge them with being mentally unfit for society. And then pretty soon, after I have everyone else carted away for various reasons (even on my side of the aisle), I’ll be running the country!

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