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Mad Men – Tonight at 10 on AMC

July 25, 2010

Mad Men. The best show on TV. I feel confident in saying that because I know that there isn’t another show that is even close. So how about this. At 10 PM tonight you go to your TV and turn on AMC. I think it’s fair to say that if you refuse my request I officially hate you. Nay, I despise you.

I’m not one for drama normally. If it’s not a comedy I don’t watch (with the exception of something like Fringe or Chuck (which is sort of a comedy)). But I challenge you to find a show that is more compelling than Mad Men. If you’re on the fence about watching it I completely understand where you’re coming from. I was once as stupid as you too. Everyone was always talking about it. Saying how good it is. Telling everyone to go watch it because it’s really amazing. And you thought, “Yeah, I’ll have to check that out sometimes. Sounds pretty cool.” And then you get home and it’s 11 at night and you think, “Nah, I don’t really feel like it” or some other bullshit response. Well I’m here to tell you to do it. Take the plunge. Now. Don’t put it off. Watch tonight at 10. If you don’t you are pretty much just a waste of a life who would be better off dead instead of clogging up society with your terribleness. You wouldn’t want to be a Democrat, now, would you? Good. Then watch.

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