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Internet Movie Firearm Database

July 18, 2010

Who here likes TV Tropes? (Stupid question, everyone likes TV Tropes). What about IMDB? And, finally, who likes weapons? Well, if you’re reading this blog, chances are that you like the first and last thing and you find the middle thing very useful. I think (hope) that that’s the sort of reader I’m drawing.

I have a website for those of you who liked at least two of the things I mentioned above. might be the second best site ever (other than this one). It’s a database kind of like a weird mix between Wikipedia, TV Tropes, and IMDB that basically just lists and gives information about every guy used in every movie, television show, or video game. I’ve been on there for hours since I discovered it last night, it’s really addicting. Kind of like TV Tropes, it seems like one of the longest posts was on one of the shortest (and best) series (Firefly), and that makes me proud. It’s really interesting to see how they took real, generally old west guns, and made them fit for a science fiction series.

Anyways, nothing real political going on with this post. I just thought that this might be the second most awesome thing ever and wanted to share the link.

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