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Glen Beck, the Ringmaster

July 11, 2010

Who here likes the circus? Elephants and clowns and tigers and idiots shooting themselves out of cannons? It’s a good ol’ time, isn’t it. A nice way to spend a boring afternoon. You can buy some popcorn and a soda and sit there and just be entertained for a few moments in what amounts to be a rather short and sometimes dull life. It’s completely pointless, but it’s still kind of enjoyable.

Now for a curve ball; this post is not actually about the fun of the circus! As much as I love the circus, and despite the fact that I could easily spend a couple minutes writing about the joys of the circus, you, my relatively stupid reader, probably came to this blog for some attempted intellectual political insight. So that’s what I’m going to give.

Glen Beck is basically the ringmaster of the circus. He should put on a top hat on his show to symbolize this. Why? He’s an entertainer. He’s a diversion. You go to the circus to take a couple minutes to be entertained, you don’t go and expect deep unbiased political analysis. Sure, he’ll give you deep political analysis if you want it, but take it with a grain of salt. How many times have you heard the ringmaster say that after the lion trainer was born he was taken and raised by a mother lion as a cub? Maybe not that exact line, but the point is that they can make shit up because it sounds good. In reality that guy screwing with the lion is probably the seventh or eighth hobo they kidnapped and forced into the job because all of the previous ones were eaten.

Don’t get me wrong, I said before how much I love the circus. Glen Beck is great. I watch his show sometimes and I’m entertained, but anyone who goes there for their news is retarded. Anyone who takes his opinions as fact I have zero respect for. Obviously they’re too stupid to contribute to everyday society. To briefly change up my analogy mid-stride, the person who views Glen Beck as anything but an entertainer is like a 40 year old guy who sees a magic show and starts spreading the word about how the magician can really do magic.

This goes for all partisan entertainers, conservative or liberal. Including me. Anyone who uses my blog or any blog as their sole news source needs to expand. When you have a firm grasp of unbiasness (not a word) you can gain the privilege of watching Glen Beck or reading The (equally successful) Neoconservatarian.

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  1. Aptronym permalink
    July 11, 2010 3:51 pm

    Very good post. I’d just like to point out that even as a biased news source, he makes some interesting points. He’s worth a listen now and then, if only because he’s so good at what he does. As long as you form your own opinions, you’ll be fine.

    I 100% agree, he can be right sometimes (especially when taken with a grain of salt). I’m not against him, just against his mindless followers. But I think we agree with each other completely.
    – Neoconservatarian

    • Aptronym permalink
      July 19, 2010 8:14 pm

      Agreed. (If this were a full forum, this is where I’d say “Post count +1.” or something equally irrelevant.)

      Incidentally, have you taken a look at ESR’s blog? ( I think I’ve linked you to him before through other channels, but if you’re looking for blog topics, I’m curious to know what you think. He’s not right all of the time, but he vocalizes some very good points very well.

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