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July 5, 2010

So, how long until Neoconservatarianism becomes a thing? Not even a Wikipedia article on what it is. It’d be sad to write my own Wikipedia article on this thing that I made up by combining some words I kind of like to  create something I really like. I pretty much own every single Google search if you type in “Neoconservatarian”. It’s like 4 pages of nothing but either me or some random commies complaining about Neoconservatarians (despite the fact that, prior to a couple months ago, that wasn’t even a word).

What if Neoconservatarianism became a a legitimate third party? And then we replaced the Republicans? I’d get Libertarian support and Republican support and then because there’s no more GOP because I beat them out as the second party in the two party system the religious Republicans will have no choice but to vote for my party despite the Libertarianness (not a word). And, as creator of the party, I will rule the US. Then I’ll rule the world. I’ll treat it like my old virtual country on the Nations Facebook application (linked here, just search for “Yvonne” and I’m the only one that comes up). Everyone will be rich and free to do what they want. Just don’t get caught breaking the law. The police have a lot of freedom too. And don’t swim in any rivers or seas or anything, really, the EPA is pretty much made up of a guy with a stay-at-home government job with an “Approved” stamp. But, in the end, that’s what you get for living in Neoconservataria.

Ok, this post is officially done. Take a look back, though, and acknowledge all of the work I did in using almost every form of “Neoconservatarian” that I could think of in honor of the keyword-based way search engines work. Now Google will have no choice but to link to me. Mwahahaha.

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