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M855A1 EPR

June 30, 2010

Looks like the Army is getting a new round for the M4, M16, and M249 – the M855A1 EPR. If you don’t care about the previous sentence you can go ahead and skip the rest of this post, it won’t interest you. I just get frustrated sometimes and writing out my anger makes me feel better. I actually don’t care if anyone reads this post at all, this is more for me than for you.

The 5.56 NATO round is shit. We only use it to shut up all of the foreign countries we’re allies with. They wanted us to be compatible with them in terms of ammunition and so we basically just did what they said. Same thing with the 9mm, but that’s another post altogether, don’t get me started on that. The 5.56 should be given out to all the civilians with AR15s as varmint ammo for civilian rifles (I know you can only shoot .223 in civilian AR15s and not 5.56, but bear with me) and then make the HK416 shoot a 7.62mm. Ballistics are massively better, kick isn’t too much that a soldier can’t handle, and it’d make a lot more sense. The M855A1 EPR boasts that ballistics are better than the 7.62mm, but there’s enough “miracle” 5.56 rounds out there that don’t beat the 7.62mm that despite the fact that I can’t find any numbers to back me up I’m pretty sure the 7.62 is going to win, let alone if they put up a good 7.62 round.

A final note, the article I posted boasts about how good this is going to be for the environment. Ok, a couple of comments. All of my experiences with copper solids suck. They flew funny, they weren’t accurate, and I had to completely change my sights to shoot them. Second, we have greater priorities in a war than protecting the environment from a little bit of lead. First priority should be to kill the bad guys. Think about this from the Taliban’s perspective. How serious about winning a war do they think we are if our priority is killing them with environmentally friendly bullets? We should just load our M4s to shoot rainwater and flower seeds. Then we can save the earth and make Afghanistan look all pretty. Killing oppressive dicks whose only purposes in life are the subjugation of the people under their control and the annihilation of freedom definitely should take a back seat to a little bit of lead in the sand. You know what’s more dangerous than lead poisoning? Some jihadi with a good ol’-fashioned 7.62x39mm-shootin’ AK (with un-environmentally friendly bullets).

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  1. David permalink
    July 6, 2010 12:44 am

    Agree completely with your rant. We have been trying to reinvent this square wheel for over 40 years now with little to show for it. The weapon system requires far too much daily field maintenance, is lubrication sensitive, and shoots an inadequate caliber for the mission.

    Even a move to a piston 6.8SPC would be a better stop-gap than trying to convince our poor people in the field that this pig can fly.

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