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Header and Headstone

June 28, 2010

If everyone could look up, I finally fixed the header. I had some rendering problems but I, in my infinite wisdom and godly computer skills, fixed the problem. No need to thank me, I’m just doing my job. Maybe I should have done it sooner, but I can be quite lazy. Not as lazy as Robert Byrd though, I hear he’s taking a permanent vacation from the US Senate. Too much pork will kill you after a while I guess. Did you know that his real name was Cornelius Calvin Sale, Jr.? I didn’t. Thank you, Wikipedia. And thank you, God, for giving him such an awesome name. Damn you, Satan, for replacing it with a crappy name. Speaking of Satan, the KKK stuff is pretty bad. Not sure how West Virginia just “let that go”, especially in an era where a stupid sex scandal or some comments in Rolling Stone can completely destroy a political career. But whatever.

I don’t want to go easy on him because he just died. People should be remembered for what they did during their life, they shouldn’t be glorified when they don’t deserve to be glorified. For example, I was making Michael Jackson jokes the day he died. And they were hilarious. This may be mean spirited fun, but hey, I have an entire category devoted to “Mean Spirited Fun”. If you don’t like it, don’t read. And especially don’t comment.

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