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General McChrystal’s Rolling Stone Remarks

June 22, 2010

General McChrystal had some pretty bad things to say about the White House. The one that made me chuckle the most is below.

Apparently, General McChrystal is quoted as saying he has to run the war in Afghanistan while never taking his eyes off his “real enemies. The wimps in the White House.”

This is one of his remarks in a string of criticisms of Obama’s administration, remember last year he got vocal about the troop surge and Obama got angry at him then too. The argument most of the liberals out there are using is “When is it okay to speak out against your boss?” My answer to that is as soon as the boss ignores your specialized professional judgment and does his own thing. Obviously I’m sympathetic to the military more than any other branch of government, but I mean this for everyone else, too. If Obama is ignoring the requests of the leaders of the EPA or the ATF or some other liberal bullshit branch of government and they have a legitimate reason to think that their plan will work I believe that they should go directly to their boss, the American people. Doesn’t Obama work for us? If he’s doing something contrary to what the general consensus wants should he really be doing it? McChrystal is simply saying that he feels as if he’s not getting the support from the White House that is necessary to conclude the war in the way he best sees fit. The second that Obama decided not to give McChrystal what he wants he should have prepared himself for the consequences. Obama made a conscious decision to get in McChrystal’s way, and when that happens (regardless of whether Obama is right or not (which he isn’t)) there’s going to be some backlash.

Transparency in government? Bringing or keeping people who disagree with him in power? Funny joke. McChrystal just had the balls to say what he was saying in private to the public, and now he’s getting destroyed for it. We need more government officials like that in both parties. This is behavior that we should be encouraging, not crucifying people for.

UPDATE 6/22 4:53PM

Unconfirmed sources just reported 10 minutes ago that McChrystal has resigned.

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