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People Are Stupid

June 20, 2010

WordPress can suck sometimes, but one of the things it does when I look on my statistics page for this blog is that it shows what search engine terms referred people to my site (i.e. what people typed into Google that, in turn, linked them to my site).

I got one today that makes me scared for the future of humanity. True, I just watched “Idiocracy” last night and that may have something to do with my paranoia toward protecting the smart people out there, but this was so bad that it almost made me get emotional.

The search engine term – “why is obomas administration sueing ariz”

I put apostrophes in IM’s and text messages. I don’t fancy myself a perfect speller either but I know I can get by. In other terms, when it comes to stuff like this I consider myself slightly above average; I don’t always capitalize or spell perfectly in informal situations, but that doesn’t mean I’m retarded. I think that whoever wrote this into Google might be.

Seriously, did his/her parents drop him/her on his/her head? Screw it, it’s a guy, a girl would never accept this travesty. What the hell was this guy thinking? Now look, I’m not saying I support killing all the stupid people or something, someone out there has to watch American Idol, but I think that if you’re stupid enough to type something like that and hit enter a gun barrel should pop out of your laptop webcam and shoot you in the face. I’m sure we can get Windows to write a driver to support the hardware, we can call it a “Security Feature”.

In conclusion, be smart. Or else.

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