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Obama is Suing Arizona

June 18, 2010

Obama is suing Arizona over their immigration law. Personally I see this as not a bad thing but actually a really good thing. I actually don’t have strong opinions on the whole immigration thing, whatever works best for the country we should do in my opinion, but I do think that cops should be able to ask to see citizenship information if they feel as if they need to. But whatever, it doesn’t affect me so I don’t really care. That’s why I’m happy Obama is suing; this sets the precedent that whenever he does something us conservatives don’t like we now have the option of suing his administration. In fact, Arizona should embrace this and use it for all it’s worth. Arizona can be the new haven for conservatives, and whenever Obama does something we don’t like we can just get Arizona to sue. “We can sue you whenever you want, you started it!”

Got a problem with health care? Stimulus package? Cap and trade? Business regulation? Even something as stupid as the birth certificate issue? Or maybe something 100% frivolous? Just schedule a meeting with the state of Arizona, I hear that they’re now suing Obama’s administration out of spite. Arizona needs to make this opportunity to make life a living hell for any liberal attempting to push through anything even remotely partisan.

Another plan – instead of deporting the illegal aliens they just ship them up north to liberal states. Wow, I just realized that almost every single one of my real or fake plans for “making things better” actually involve doing things out of spite to people or things I see as stupid. This might be a problem.

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  1. WhatPlantsCrave permalink
    June 20, 2010 9:27 am

    You idiot,

    It not that Obama is suing Arizona, if you’d read more than the headline you would know that the DoJ is bringing charges of unconstitutionality against the law. It is explicitly stated in the Constitution (ever read it) that immigration is an issue to be dealt with solely by the Federal Government. It is the responsibility of any President, irreguardless of political parties, to check laws like this one to see if the courts believe they violate the constitution. Suck it.

    (Thats right I’m back)


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