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Barbara Boxer’s Hair – So 2000 and Late?

June 10, 2010

Kind of funny how much trouble she’s in for something this stupid. You got to love our political system, right? But still, I have a bigger reason why I would never vote for her. It’s all about that laugh that she did after she made her ridiculously stupid and unfunny comment. I don’t get mad at people for making stupid comments too often, and this is no  exception, but what does concern me is how funny she thinks she is. Self-righteous isn’t the right term, I don’t know, she seems like how an east coaster imagines an old person from California. I’m not really a fan of that. This is honestly something I would say ironically/sarcastically, and she’s saying it for real. I find that kind of disturbing. The whole clip is priceless though, her “Oh shit!” moment is amazing.

This might be the best argument for electing Gov. Christie to the presidency yet. We need someone who can say these sort of things (albeit better, funnier, more insulting versions) on purpose. Political correctness be damned, I feel like Christie could say some pretty funny things. I watch politics because it amuses me; if it did nothing but make me angry (which it frequently does) I don’t think I’d trouble myself with it. Humor is good. Embrace it. This country could use a laugh or two.

Congratulations on reading the most rambling post I’ve created yet.

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