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June 9, 2010

I dislike official political debates (i.e. presidential debates, that sort of thing). It has become more about the individual and less about their ideas. And quite frankly last election I began to notice how when one person started to make a point the person who is opposing the first first person gives a condescending chuckle. Every single goddamn time. I don’t know why I hate that so much, but for some reason I just despise it irrationally. I’ll watch them, but in the end they’ll just make me angry. Not “Obama Press Conference” angry (I’ve been known to throw things at my TV, just ask my broken remote), but angry.

That’s why I think presidential debates should be in a new format more suited to the times we live in today – online message boards. We take all the candidates and give them usernames and put them in a message board that can only be posted on by the candidates but that everyone can view. I think that, for once, some really good discussion of political ideas could be talked out rather than having elections turn into a sophomoric popularity contest that rewards leaders calling on their cult of personality rather than the ideas behind them as a political figure. I know personally some of the truly best and politically amazing arguments that I’ve had have been on message boards with intelligent people who capitalize their words and check their grammar. When people write stuff down their argument is definitely better. I wouldn’t want it to turn into “yo obamaz u SUKKKK u n00b mofo” – John McCain, followed by “PWNED!!!!!” – Sarah Palin, and then Obama e-yelling “RACIST!!!!!!!!!!”, but I think that there’s some potential for it to be really beneficial and awesome to politically minded people if an actual intelligent debate is somewhere for once.

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