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Mosque at Ground Zero

May 27, 2010

There’s plans to build a mosque in a building two blocks from Ground Zero in a building that was damaged by the attacks on 9/11 by Muslim extremists. People think that this is adding insult to injury. Not only were we attacked by Muslim terrorists but building a large mosque on the site of that attack is extremely disrespectful to those that died on that day. I don’t think it should be illegal, but much like some of the blatantly racist groups out there that I think should have 1st amendment rights it doesn’t mean I hate it any less. My opinions on this issue, however, are not not the subject of this article.

Who came up with the idea on the Islamic side of this? Seriously, think of all of religion as a business operating in a zero-sum game. If your goal is to receive as many conversions as possible this is the sort of thing you want to avoid. It doesn’t matter if you think that putting a mosque there is going to send a message of peace; the message conveyed is one of insult, and in this scenario the message that the general public receives is more important than the message that they were intended to receive. I would bet that most people see this as yet another reason that Islam is “bad”, and as a religion I would think that you would be encouraging people to believe the opposite of that.

I think I know what’s going on here. Islam has a severe case of Self-Defeating Personality Disorder. I think it’d be best for everyone if us sane people have an intervention. Israel can talk about how Islam always hurts their feelings. Russia can talk about the Islamic rebels and how it makes Russia sad when they try and take over the government. France shouldn’t be invited, they’ll probably just defend them. The rest of the EU can come, but only if they do nothing but sit in the corner, quietly cry, drink their tea, and listen. Except England, they can talk. Dr. Drew will moderate, of course. We need to reverse this cycle though, the suffering has gone on for long enough.

I also want to state that I’m not anti-Muslim, I’m just anti-stupidity.

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