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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell/Gay Marriage – Proof that Congress Has No Life

May 27, 2010

Don’t ask, don’t tell. Gay marriage. What do they have in common?

I don’t care about either. Yeah, I have my opinions. I think don’t ask don’t tell should be decided on by the military based on what will maximize combat efficiency. My distinction between civil unions and marriage is that legally they should be the same, but marriage is a religious thing. I know that’s probably not how it is but that’s how it should be in my opinion. But you know what? I don’t care. Whatever. Not my problem. If you want to marry a goat and you can somehow duct tape a pen to its hoof and train it to sign the civil union document then not only should you be allowed to do it but you should be encouraged to because then we’ll have a guy in our country who has a very unique goat training ability that we’ll probably be able to exploit somehow militarily. And honestly, unless this legislation directly impacts you why do you care about this at all?

My whole thing with this is the question over whether or not this is important to the general welfare of our country. We have some major problems that need to be addressed, and burning calories on this sort of crap is taking away time we could use to do things that actually matter like lowering the deficit or building more F22 Raptors. On a related note, we should just teach all the members of Congress how to build F22 Raptors. Then they could be doing something useful and awesome. Back on topic, Congress is very rarely in session as it is, what with all their vacation time and all, and they should be doing real stuff instead of worrying about making an extreme minority of soldiers sad. As for the marriage thing, state governments have too much time and they need more distracting from spending on stuff we don’t need, leave this kind of stuff up to them.

I wish anarchy wasn’t so chaotic. And I wish government could do something right. Put those together and I guess that’s why I’m a Neoconservatarian.

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