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Fringe Conservatives and Lost Democrats

May 25, 2010

Two nights ago I watched Lost for the first time ever. I watched the two hour recap thing followed by the two and a half hour series finale. I found it pretty entertaining, I sort of feel like I’m glad that I didn’t watch it from the beginning though. It seems like a huge mass of wasted brainwork trying to figure out something that the writers don’t even know the direction of. They interviewed the two top people on the show, I forget their names, and they were bragging that they were still making changes to the script and how things were going to end just days earlier. I kind of see that as a bad thing.

I bet you’re wondering about now how I’m going to relate this to politics. Well it looks like you’re going to have to wait until I explain why I love Fringe. I love Fringe because it’s a show like Lost that has a storyline that doesn’t suck. Fringe presents questions and then hints at the answers. Yeah, we try and figure stuff out along the way, but we don’t ever really find out everything. I have complete confidence, however, that the writers of Fringe know exactly which direction they’re taking this show. And I love it. It’s one of the best shows ever (Chuck is pretty good too).

I’m going to try and interchange words for two different ideas and put them into one thing in this next paragraph. Try not to get too Lost (terrible pun intended).

I see Lost as the Democratic Party before this last election. It started out strong. Very strong. Everyone was talking about it and everyone watched it. Obama rises to power, times were good for the Losties. The second season came around. The Democrats are in power, there’s people that are pretty angry at the Losties for talking about their show so much but everyone seems to be still rooting for the Democrats. And now we’re in season three. The people in power are making decisions that not everyone likes. The plot is taking some weird turns. Some of the fans are not watching anymore. There’s always going to be some hardcore Lost fans, but a lot of people are concerned with what’s going on. No longer can the Lost executives rely on Obama’s cult of personality and initial success, the people begin to expect more. And now the fourth season is just around the corner. Will people tune into Lost come this November? Or will they stop watching and use their viewing vote elsewhere?

What’s Fringe in this analogy? Nothing. There is no “good show” in what I’m writing. Nothing people can rally behind. The Tea Party is only comprised of the far right wing of the party. The Republican Party is terrible. It’s like the last season of Scrubs; personally, I just sort of shook my head sadly throughout the season and wished that they would have either given up while they were making good episodes or change it and make it good again. Regardless, currently we’re nothing but a giant tub of political ideologies that isn’t corralled under any single banner. Yeah, we may grudgingly vote Republican, but I feel as if very few people are 100% for the GOP. I’m only GOP and not Independent because I am still vaguely Republican and I want to vote in the primaries. So, we need someone to step forward and lead. If we can’t rely on a group to bring conservatives together we need a person, an Obama-like cult of personality. Who will our Olivia Dunham be? Damned if I know.

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