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The Oil Spill

May 24, 2010

The oil is still spilling, and people apparently aren’t happy about it. If I had to guess I bet BP is the one who wants to stop this spill the most (or at least stop 1st amendment rights if they can’t stop the spill). What do the environmentalist idiots have to lose? I mean really, other than their sense of duty to protect the environment they don’t lose anything. BP has their entire business to lose. I’m not saying this is going to destroy their company, but this much bad press and this much of their funding going to plug this spill would certainly make me be motivated to stop the leak as soon as possible.

I think people get “evil” and “capitalist” confused. Everyone hates BP right now, I think some people legitimately think that the oil executives of BP looked at the environment one day, saw it was clean, started maniacally laughing, and then turned a giant valve wheel that just started shooting oil out into the water. In reality BP doesn’t want this to happen either. People still hate Exon for that big spill a while ago. BP doesn’t want that. This was an ACCIDENT. Accidents happen. There are some things that are out of our control. And anyone who self-righteously criticizes BP and accepts my satirical scenario as fact should leave modern civilization. If you hate oil so much you’re not allowed to use it.  Simple as that.

Lastly, apparently it’s a big deal that 264 water or flying animals have been found dead or dying because of the spill. I’m pretty sure that within my family we’ve shot that many birds while hunting. Yeah, it sucks the birds and fish went to waste, but it’s really not a big deal at all. I challenge you to tell me how those 264 animals impacted your life in any way. Bird eggs covered in oil? That just means they burn better before you throw them. I’m not saying we shouldn’t try and fix the issue, all I’m saying is that 264 animals is not a big deal at all. We have humans to worry about. As soon as murder, war, disease, and death are eradicated we can worry about the pelican.

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  1. TheFoil permalink
    May 24, 2010 8:21 pm

    There is an enormous seafood industry associated with the gulf. People lives depend on the health of the fish in the gulf. Currently, much of one of the most productive seafood regions in the United States is restricted for fishing. Many of the fish could prove to contain traces of oil and be to toxic for consumption, and thus fishermen would be out of work. The effects of the oil spill could have a ripple effect through the entire food chain, starting with plankton and ending up in severely reducing the amount of food for the fish the fishermen go for. You say we should only worry about humans. There are hundreds of humans here in danger of loosing their source of income, the money that pays their bills and feeds their families.

    • May 24, 2010 8:35 pm

      I’m not saying that we should not clean up the spill and that it doesn’t have adverse affects, I’m simply stating that there are larger problems in the world than this oil spill. I also believe that BP is doing everything in their power to stop this and that they don’t deserve all of the flak that they’re getting. I am by no means against cleaning up the damage that has been done, but I believe that a more proportional response from the general public is necessary.

  2. CapitalistSwine permalink
    May 25, 2010 4:19 pm

    If you believe in economic incentives you should agree that BP should pay for all of the clean up. This means that other companies will have an incentive to have safe environmental practices. Any sort of Government help would be a bail out.

  3. Aptronym permalink
    May 28, 2010 6:40 pm

    The clean-up efforts haven’t been nearly fast or effective/competent enough. BP’s been doing a fair job of trying to plug the leak, but as far as the clean-up goes, something’s fishy. A sandbar project that had been intended to keep the oil from reaching marshlands is still waiting on an environmental impact report. (And, naturally, now it’s too late. It would take a fair amount of work to convince me that a few artificial sandbars would have more effect on the marshland than the oil.) It also turns out that the boons that we magically didn’t have ready and magically couldn’t get enough of in the weeks leading up to the real damage are being placed incorrectly. Apparently it’s basic knowledge for BP’s production engineers and it’s basic knowledge for the Coast Guard, so why are they being installed incorrectly unless it’s deliberate? (There’s a video online explaining all of this. Very strong language, but I can dig up a link if you’re interested.) My best guess is disaster profiteering. If oil hits land, it makes for a great news story and a great excuse to put a stopper on drilling. It’s also causing some unrest in towns near the oil-laden marshes, which, if troublesome enough, could be an excuse for the government to step in and restore order, heightening national tension and accelerating the flight to big government.

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